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Amphitec Max-Loader
Amphitec Max-Loader

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The Amphitec Max-Loader®, G2 is an industrial semi-trailer for suction and blowing of dry products and liquids. Maximum capacity, payload, maneuverability and lower fuel consumption were the requirements in the development of this machine. The Max-Loader is completely self supporting and can be used with any desired tractor unit. Optionally available with screw compressor. In short: the Amphitec Max-Loader® (G2) is the best possible machine for your maximum transport requirements!

Amphitec Max-Loader®, G2 characteristics

- Suction and blowing of dry products and liquids
- Stainless Steel roduct tank, product capacity excl. filter chamber 15m³ or 20m³
- Suction with 9000 m³/hour (max. 96% vacuum) and blowing with 1 bar overpressure
- 6-Cylinder Caterpillar diesel engine for drive of vacuum pump
- Pressure tight filter unit for optimal blowing performance
- Bulk loading with 1,5 bar with 3" and 4" hose for silo filling (screw compressor version)
- Optional: also available as high quality vacuum excavator and ATEX equipped
- Low fuel consumption
- Low noise level

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