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Amphitec V-Force
Amphitec V-Force

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The Amphitec V-Force® is the standard machine for suction, discharging and transporting (ADR) liquids. It is the first ADR vacuum truck produced in series which is supplied turn-key, including chassis.

Amphitec V-Force® characteristics

- 13 m³ stainless steel product tank, stainless steel water tank 1500L, stainless steel liquid ring tank 1500L
- Powerful full vacuum liquid ring pump, 3200 m³/hour with max. 95% continuous vacuum
- High pressure pump with 50L/min and 120 bar
- Stainless steel hose racks, toolboxes, pipework, etc.
- Alternative, spark free vacuum Roots Blower 2400m³/hour with max 96% continuous vacuum
- Discharge compressor 2 bar and nitrogen connection

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