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Amphitec Vortex
Amphitec Vortex

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The Amphitec Vortex« is standard available on a 3-axle, 4-axle or 5-axle chassis. However, the installation can be furthermore built and adjusted to your specific needs. For example adding extra options like the hi-lift function, an 8" digging/suction boom, an ADR/ATEX version or a screw compressor version. The Vortex« has a high suction capacity with a max. airflow unloaded of 9000 m│/hour (max 96% vacuum) with an overpressure up to 2 bar. This machine has more loading capacity by the low gross weight. With the Hi-Lift function the Vortex« is able to discharge into containers or big-bags.

Amphitec Vortex« characteristics

Vacuuming and blowing of dry products and liquids;

- Stainless Steel tank, loading capacity excl. filter chamber:* 3-axle, 12 m│

* 4-axle, 14 m│
* 5-axle, 19 m│

Suction and blowing with 9000 m│/hour, max. 96% vacuum and blowing with 1 bar overpressure
- Pressure tight filter chamber for an optimal blowing performance
- Bulk loading with 2 bar with 3" and 4" hose for discharging into a silo (screw compressor version)
- Filling of big-bags with a 300 mm slide valve (Hi-Lift)
- Tipping in containers up to a height of 2.000mm (Hi-Lift)
- Maximum maneuverability by a short wheel base
- Optional: also available as high quality vacuum excavator and equipped with an ADR/ATEX package

Amphitec Vortex Videos

Chassis Gravel

Vacuum Excavation

Vortex Blowing System

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