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Blower Hire

Blower Sets
IBS have fully packaged roots type Blower Sets available to minimise our customers down time in the event of :

  • Emergency breakdown
  • Planned repair/maintenance
  • Short-term demand for extra air
  • Testing of new systems
  • Accidental damage

Our range features :

  • Volume flow rates between 30 and 9400 m3/hour FAD
  • Pressure differentials up to 1.0 bar
  • Variable speed drives to optimise performance and lower operational costs
  • Acoustic attenuation
  • Units based in UK locations for fast delivery

Larger Blower Sets are supplied complete in a transport frame fitted with acoustic panels and variable speed drives to optimise performance and lower operational costs.

Smaller sets are available either in transport frames or as bedplate sets (without acoustic enclosure/panels).

All sets are supplied complete with electric motor and belt drive, pressure relief valve, non-return valve and silencers. Pipework/hose and fittings can also be supplied to suit customers connection point.

For remote applications or where the normal power supply is unavailable, Generator Sets can be supplied complete with fuel tanks and load cables. Standby and Unlimited usage rates are available. For Unlimited use or prolonged running periods we can eliminate the customers need to manage fuel requirements by offering this as part of our service.

IBS also have a range of rotary vane, side channel and claw type machines for pressure applications with discharge pressures of up to 2.0 bar gauge.

Bare Shaft Blowers.
Where removing a bare shaft blower for repair, reconditioning or replacement (all of which IBS can undertake for you) we can offer bare shaft machines as an interim measure to keep the system running. Blowers from all major manufacturers are available for direct interchange eliminating the need for modification work.







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