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Repair, Servicing and Reconditioning

Road Tanker Equipment

Oil lubricated sliding vane vacuum pumps have been used for decades as a tried and tested means of evacuating and discharging waste liquids from road tankers. They are often worked very hard on dirty applications and although they are generally robust and reliable, from time to time they will require servicing or repair.

IBS offer repair, servicing and reconditioning for all of the Hammond vacuum pump models (including RAL, Challenger and Orion ranges) in addition to those from Utile, Gardner Denver, Wittig, Battioni, and Moro.

IBS have the ability to :

  • Re-machine scored and corrugated body bores and re-dowel the body to accommodate the repositioning of the sideplates
  • Re-plate worn or damaged body bores (where plating is used)
  • Repair bearing journals that have been damaged where bearings and sleeves have worked loose
  • Re-machine scored and damaged sideplates
  • Straighten rotor shafts that have been bent (depending on specific details)

All machines are re-built using genuine parts.



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