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Repair, Servicing & Reconditioning

Rotary Seals, Filters, Sifters and Diverter Valves

Wear and tear on rotary seals causes air slippage which can make the seal and the process inefficient. IBS can rebuild and repair rotary seals with specialised coatings on the internal surfaces for maximum longevity.

We can also provide the following services.

  • Sifters : Inspected, repaired and set up checked
  • Reverse jet filters : Serviced for Solenoids, Cages, Filter Bags and Timer Boards
  • Diverter valves : Cleaned and checked for wear, seals and solenoids

Plant on site servicing can be offered on a single visit or term contract basis.



Graham Matthews
020 8571 3988
07860 240066

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