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Inlet Vacuum Pump Filters

Inlet Filters for the inlet of Vacuum Pumps, Vacuum Pump systems and P.D. & Regenerative Blowers

Inlet Vacuum Filters L-Style

CSL Series: Designed for the inlet of vacuum pumps, these industrial vacuum filters have a "L" configuration and is rated for full flow and low pressure drop operation. The housings are vacuum tight for maximum equipment performance. Industrial, severe and extreme duty models are in stock. Find out more about stainless steel, epoxy coated and ATEX certified assemblies.

Compact Inlet Vacuum Filters T-Style

The ST and CT Series are compact inlet vacuum filters designed for easy element access. Captured particulate drops to the bottome bucket eliminating possible system contamination. The ST Series has a see-through bucket for easy visual inspections. The CT Series has a durable carbon steel bucket for harsh environments.

Clamp-Style Vacuum Filters

The VS and VL Series offers heavy duty vacuum filters in a compact design. It is available in both a "L" and a straight through configuration. For extreme duty environments, an extended housing design is available for additional holding capacity. Stainless steel models are also available.

Pressure/Vacuum Filters

FST Series: These inlet "L" style filters are designed for both pressure and vacuum applications and a variety of applications. A quick retrofit converts the filter for remote piping or extreme duty environments.

Lateral Access Pressure/Vacuum Filters

The IVPL and IVPS Series are designed for both pressure and vacuum applications and have a side access port for easy maintanace. Typical filters require a service area above the filter housing which increases the height and cost of an enclosure. The IVPL and IVPS Series helps make sound enclosures feasible and simplifies the maintanance process.


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