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Inlet Filter Silencers for Blowers & Compressors

Filter Silencers for filtering and noise reduction on the inlet of Compressors and Blowers.

Inlet Filter Silencers

FS Series: This series is the standard for inlet filtration and silencing, it is an integrated reactive design with multiple tubes. Industrial, severe & extreme duty models are in stock. Find out more about stainless steel, epoxy coated and ATEX certified assemblies.

Premium Inlet Silencer Filters

Reduce the footprint of PD blower packages with this premium silencer filter. The 2G series is designed with an integrated reactive/absorptive silencing technology that incorporates sound absorbing material, noise deadening and multiple silencing tubes. The QB series uses a reactive silencing design. Industrial, severe and extreme duty models are available. Find out more about stainless steel assemblies.

Miniature Filter Silencers

These miniature compressor inlet filter silencers have a unique "hockey puck" style filter element that maxmizes surface area over its given size. Commonly used on the inlet of compressors, they are also used as breathers or bleed in filters.

Lateral Access Filter Silencers

LQB Series: Solberg's Lateral Access Filter Silencers, help make enclosures feasible and simplifies the maintenance process. The side access port allows sound enclosure's overall height and cost to be reduced.

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