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Silencers for Blowers & Compressors

Silencer Base Frames for P.D. Blower packages, Tubular Silencers for the intake of Blowers & Compressors and Discharge Silencers for Scroll Compressors.

Absorptive Silencers

The SLCR and SLCRT Series' absorptive silencers reduce unwanted noise on the inlet of regenerative blowers.

Compact Exhaust Filter Silencers

EFS Series: Dry vacuum pumps discharge noise and tip seal dust, Solberg's Exhaust Filter Silencer captures this dust while muffling unwanted discharge noise. The housing offers an unique integrated diffuser inlet connection. It is designed for minimal pressure drop and high efficiency.

Silencer Base Frames

BBF Series: Find out how you can reduce the overall size of your PD blower package, minimize labor and assembly time, and build your sound enclosure competitively. Solberg also offers engineering assistance and base frame package layout schematics to better help you layout your blower package.

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