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Specialty Applications

Specialty Applications including Extreme Duty Filtration, Photovoltaic Vacuum Filters, Liquid Removal Filters, ASME/PED Vessels, ATEX Assemblies and Separators.

Photovoltaic Manufacturing Vacuum Filters

We offer filtration solutions for the complete assortment of vacuum pump equipment found in photovoltaic (solar) manufacturing processes. Inherent in these processes are a range of filtration challenges from capturing abrasive dust particles to managing pyrophoric or hazardous materials.

Liquid Removal Vacuum Pump Filters

Solberg offers a variety of solutions to remove potentially harmful liquid, sludge, and particulate from the inlet of a vacuum pump. The LRS and SRS Series is an integrated liquid separator and inlet vacuum filter. This solution simplifies vacuum packages, combines two functions into one and can be configured to meet your needs. For those that needed a compact liquid separator only the STS Series is designed for you. The STS Series is a liquid separator with a see-through housings that makes visual inspections possible while knocking out potentially harmful liquid and sludge.

Hydraulic Breathers

These heavy duty and severe duty particulate filters utilize high efficiency polyester elements. The filter elements can withstand oil and are washable. Find out more about how these filters can be configured to meet your needs.

Vacuum Filters for Medical Applications

HV Series: This inlet vacuum filter is designed to removal liquids, solids and sub-micron particles from damaging vacuum pumps and it protects the work environment from harmful contaminates. It is available as a stand alone filter or as a vacuum filter system (HVS Series) with floor, wall and ceiling configurations.

Separators: Natural Gas

Scrubber assemblies are used to protect gas compressors from fine particulate and condensate. Solberg provides both vessels and filter elements for these applications. Micron efficiencies vary dependant on the contaminants present in the gas stream. Without proper filtration, compressor performance is reduced. Solberg customizes our solutions to match the specific conditions. More information coming soon. Contact Solberg for availability

ATEX Filters

Statistics show that filters are involved in the second highest percentage of dust explosions that occur in industrial applications. Solberg offers ATEX certified filters and elements for safety, explosion prevention and environmental protection. ATEX is an European directive to eliminate the possibility of explosions related to equipment used in potentially explosive gasious or dusty environments. More information coming soon. Contact Solber

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