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New Vacuum Pumps


IBS are proud to be the UK’s exclusive distributors for Robuschi Liquid Ring vacuum pumps and equipment. We are also UK distributors for Robuschi Vacuum Booster and Pre-inlet vacuum pumps.

IBS have many years of experience working with Robuschi equipment ensuring that our customers benefit from our expertise in specifying the right product for the job, backed up by our in-depth knowledge and close relationship with the manufacturer.

RVS Liquid Ring Vacuum Pumps

RVS Liquid Ring Vacuum Pumps
The RVS series comprises single stage block model machines. They are used in the fields of sterilisation, concentration, dying, impregnation, plastic extrusion, degassing and extraction of non-condensable gas from condensers in the chemical, pharmaceutical, food, pulp and paper, sugar and textile industries in addition to applications in power plants and hospitals.

The RVS series has the following key features.

  • Vacuums up to 33 mbar A
  • Suction capacity up to 4200 m3/hour
  • Able to pump gasses and vapours
  • No lubricant in contact with the pumped gasses
  • Able to work in numerous applications with appropriate choice of construction materials and service fluid


RBS/AV Vacuum Boosters

RBS/AV Vacuum Boosters
The RBS/AV positive displacement machines are utilised as boosters to increase vacuum levels when used in series with a primary vacuum unit.

Typical fields of application include automotive, food, pharmaceutical, chemical, electronic and aerospace industries and power plants.

The RBS/AV series has the following key features.

  • Vacuum levels of 0.01 to 20 mbar absolute
  • Suction capacities from 300 to 8800 m3/hour
  • Able to pump gasses and vapours

RB-DV Pre-inlet Vacuum Pumps

RB-DV Pre-inlet Vacuum Pumps
The RB-DV series includes tri-lobe positive displacement machines that have an atmospheric pre-injection device which reduces the heating of the gas and the power absorbed by the machine. This allows for vacuum levels up to 93% without the need for additional water injection or heat exchanger.

Typical areas of application include conveying and distribution of granulated materials in the chemical and pharmaceutical industries, de-aeration plants and centralised packaging, handling and processing machines.

The RB-DV series has the following key features.

  • 93% vacuum on closed line, 90% continuous
  • 840 to 10,500 m3/hour nominal capacities
  • Able to pump gasses and vapours
  • No oil mist
Greenbox Liquid Ring Package

Robuschi Green Box
An example of Robuschi innovative tradition utilising a liquid ring vacuum unit in either oil or water versions which is:

  • Environmentally friendly
  • Compact
  • Low noise
  • Able to reach 15 mbar vacuum
  • Ready for use
  • Minimum maintenance







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