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Fruitland RCF250 vacuum pump

Fruitland’s RCF250 pump is the smallest of our rotary vane vacuum pumps.  The RCF250LU designates left hand rotation, upper diverter valve with a belt drive pulley. The 250LU series pump is primarily used on trucks servicing light septic and portable toilet applications.


RCF250  Specifications

Approximate Air Flow 150 CFM
Maximum Vacuum 27” Hg
Power Required @ 27”Hg 11 BHP
Pressures to 30 PSI
Power required @ Max. Pressure 18 BHP
Size of Hoses 2”
Operating Speed 1400 RPM
Lubrication (Oil Pump) Automatic
Vanes 4 (Fibre)
Fan cooling continuous duty Yes
Approx. net Pump weight 255 LBS

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