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Fruitland RCF 800 Vacuum Pump

Fruitland RCF500 vacuum pump

The Fruitland Model RCF500 Commercial-Duty Rotary Vane Vacuum Pump (also known as Sliding Vane Vacuum Pump)  is designed to work in all types of liquid waste handling markets including the Oil and Gas Fracturing Industry, Industrial, Environmental, Grease, and Septic.  Fruitland’s Vacuum Pumps operating environments include temperatures varying from sub-zero to well above 100 degrees. The famous 500 Series Vacuum Pump is primarily installed on Liquid Vacuum Tank Trucks ranging in size from 1000-12000 gallons.

The 500 Series Vacuum Pump features a Heavy –Duty Lubrication System that is designed to allow over 16 operating hours per one gallon of oil (that’s twice the operating hours of our competition!). The 500 Series includes an integral one gallon oil reservoir tank which houses a heavy-duty positive displacement pump. This positive displacement pump strategically pumps oil through four steel lines (as opposed to plastic) into the main body of the Vacuum Pump.

The 500 Series Vacuum Pump also boasts an integral Air In-Take Filter designed to protect the Vacuum Pump in both, Vacuum and Pressure modes.  The Air-Cooled design features a heavy-duty fan located on the drive end of the pump.  When the Vacuum Pump is in operation, the fan rotates to help keep the pump cool. All Vacuum Pumps include a 4-way Valve (Upper or Side Mount) allowing the operator to easily make the change from one mode (Vacuum /Pressure) to the other.  Additional design features include; Vane Test Gauging Ports, Hand tightened Vented  Breather Cap, Housing Drain, and 8 Vane Design for low washboard. The 500 Series Vacuum Pumps is designed to be converted into any drive style including, Belt, Right-Angle, and Hydraulic Drive.

Model: RCF500LUFH

RCF500  Specifications  
Approximate Air Flow 320 CFM
Maximum Vacuum 28.5” Hg
Power Required @ 27”Hg 23 BHP
Pressures to 35 PSI
Power required @ Max. Pressure 44 BHP
Size of Hoses 3”
Maximum Operating Speed 1400 RPM
Lubrication (Oil Pump) Automatic
Vanes 8 (Fibre)
Fan cooling continuous duty Yes
Approx. net Pump weight 450 LBS

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RCF500 RUF RCF500LUF with Vacuum Relief Valve
RCF500LUH with Stainless Steel Shroud *Available only on request at extra expense  

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